Why I Became A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fighter in Bern

Train Brasilian Jiu Jitsu in Bern

In the next couple of minutes, I will share with you the reason why I started to practice BJJ. You will learn from this post why training Jiu-Jitsu is important and where you can get started.

It was many years ago that one of my best friends introduced me to a Tim Ferris podcast episode where Tim was interviewing Jocko Willink. He’s a former U.S. Navy Seal Commando of the most highly decorated Task Unit in the Irak War. After returning from the war, Jocko has written several books, the introductory book being Extreme Ownership. You can find my book review here. He founded a leadership consulting firm and began coaching thousands of leaders around the world teaching them the ultimate and universal leadership essentials he developed on the battlefield.


What does leadership has to do with BJJ you ask

In many of his podcast episodes Jocko talks about the reasons for starting with Jiu-Jitsu (that is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for you confused people out there).

  1. Makes you stronger mentally
  2. Makes your body stronger
  3. Develops analytical and strategic thinking
  4. Builds your leadership character
  5. Humbles your ego
  6. Enhances your self-defense portfolio

It is also clear – says Jocko – that BJJ is the toughest and most complex of all the martial-arts to be learnt. Therefore, he recommends that you always start with BJJ first and then as you progress add boxing and kicking to your game. 

What has Jiu-Jitsu done for me as a beginner?

Seems obvious to me that picking up regular Jiu-Jitsu training and going to classes has helped me fix a few bugs in my psychological software and physiological hardware.

  • I have gotten and am getting in great shape. BJJ is physically very demanding and you develop your fitness on a weekly basis.
  • Seeing improvements in your game from one week to another totally charges up your inspiration to get after it!
  • Sprawling with your team mates builds social bonds that are unlike anything you may have experienced in friendship up until this point (at least when it comes to sports activities).
  • The impact BJJ may have on your communication, social behaviour and conduct in society (small and large) cannot be overestimated. The simple truths, strategies and tactics behind the BJJ philosophy have helped me deal with several demanding social situations both at work and at home.

So here is where you start your journey

Many people who are into UFC, MMA and Grapping are looking for ways how improve their ground game. Jiu Jitsu is specialised only in submitting your opponent on the ground by attacking either his joints or by chocking him out (at the neck). 

You may wanna join me and the team by visiting our BJJ academy in Bern.


BJJ Team Bern was founded and established by Hercules Silva and is one of the two BJJ academies in the region of Bern, Switzerland. 

By the same token, over the last few months I have observed phenomenal changes in the people who started training at the same time with me.

In most people, I could see a deeply transformative effect on their psychic. They appeared sharp-eyed, more confident, determined and even their posture upgraded.

What’s ultimately the end game for me?

Listening to Jocko I knew that I had to enroll in a Jiu Jitsu class because it would teach me skills I could only learn on the mat. This journey has only just begun for me. I know that when I face people in the board room, clients, suppliers, prospects, officials, it all comes down to how well I can handle the social situation with these people. Now I studied a lot of negotiation and sales tactics and I am a trained psychologist on top of everything else. But none of these theories are as applicable to life (expect for maybe sales skills) as Jiu Jitsu. (Okay, maybe I am being a bit nerdy with this comment.)

I believe that Jit Jitsu has helped me improve many areas of my life, for example simple goal setting outside of the business-performance realm where it is much harder to build self-esteem by achieving short-term goals. 

Ah, by the way, wanna watch a great video about the topic?

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