Youtube SEO: 9 Video SEO Strategies [End of 2018]

In this post you will learn 9 strategies that will get your video to rank amongst the top shots in Youtube!

Fellow Greedy Marketing Buddy, So You Want Your Videos To Rank Higher On Youtube? Good for You. Now Check Out These Simple 9 Strategies. Think You Can Apply Them [Today]?

I recently uploaded a video to Youtube. And I feel pride. Because when you actually type in the keyword for this video on Youtube, my video is actually going to show up (at some point). I am not high. In fact, my video shows up on position 23! Gulp. But hey, it is a start. And seeing that my video is ranking I got interested in how the Youtube SEO machine is working.

Go figure. If you are operating your business in a competitive niche in your city, it may be interesting to you to know how to get more people watch your video because you adhere to certain “guidelines” on how to create and publish your video. That makes sense. And the more people watch your video, the more ‘people’ turn into ‘prospects’. And the more ‘prospects’ you have, the higher is your chance of switching those into ‘buying clients’ at some point down the sales funnel road.

Now check out this screenshot of my video (red background) ranking in Youtube. Ain’t that fantasticzne!

Awesome, my video was ranking on Youtube! Yeehaaw!

Now as you will learn in this post, I was not following any plan or strategy when putting together this video. In fact, I only upgraded the cover and left out my silly face while talking to you. So nothing fancy at all. But there are way more things I could have done waaaaaaay more better both in terms of SEO/ranking and audience experience of the video. So let’s get to that now.


How to Rank Your Video on Youtube

I didn’t know anything about Youtube SEO before I watched this video.

So whenever I need to learn something, I hit Google or Youtube Search with my keyword. That’s one of the fastest and most convenient ways for me to acquire new knowledge. And every time I want to learn about SEO tactics, I want to learn from the guy who is ranking highest for the keyword I am searching for. 


That’s goofy Benjamin, really a no-brainer. 

– Yes, I understand that. 

Still, I had great fun watching the video and learning about a few tactics that would get me better ranking results for my future videos.



Here Are The 9 Strategies Finally

Below you will find the 9 strategies overview. For an in-depth analysis and training you must watch Brian Dean’s video on Youtube. Not only is it due to recognise this authorship of the strategies he also does a great job at explaining the strategies so you can action today.

Strategy #1

Front-load Your Keyword (1:40 min)

Strategy #2

Boost Video Engagement Signals (2:21 min)

Strategy #3

Use Tags with the TAB-formula (3:40 min)

Strategy #4

CTR Magnet Thumbnails (5:47 min)

Strategy #5

Use The Video Descriptions As A Mini Blog (7:10 min)

Strategy #6

Video Length (8:20 min)

Strategy #7

Use Brackets and Parentheses In Your Title (9:22 min)

Strategy #8

Rank In ‘Suggested Video Section’ (10:28 min)

Strategy #9

Turn Donkeys Into Unicorns (12:00 min)

Now You are Ready To Become A Youtube SEO expert, watch your training video below

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