How To Do A Google Hangout On Air with Youtube Livestreaming [2019]

So if a couple of years ago you did your first Google Hangout on Air and you ever came back to your Google+ account as of lately you must have realised that… well: nothing looks the same anymore.

Hot damn!

You have grown old my friend!

If you want to invite somebody else to your HoA then this post is for you and will show you how you can host someone else on your Hangout.

This is the ultimate guide to the Google Hangout On Air using the Youtube Livestreaming in 2019.

First step: access your Youtube account through this link:

Then: click on “New Livestream”.

Then add in the details of your lifestream in the left hand side.

Finally, on the right hand side, chose “Quick” to set up the Hangout (old fashioned layout buddy).

Boom, you are nearly set. By the way, notice how that’s so German in my screenshot? Yes, that’s because I am Swiss. Cheesy Swissness my good old marketing genius. 

Back on topic. You now hit the “Start Livestreaming” button, in my screenshot the blue thingy there top right corner.

Next thing your Hangout interface will appear. 

Again some solid good ol’ German language appearing on the screen, Boom! But what did he do? How do I get to this window? – Chill it bro. See the bar on the top of the screen with the 5 icons? Well, you click on the far left-hand icon showing a person and a (+) sign. That’s it. Hit it. And you will get the invitation link (alternatively you can shoot the person you want to appear on the Hangout an email).

Note: This is the invitation link for your co-hosts. For guests you have to use the guest link (duh).

Play around with it for a while before you do your first live session. Maybe borrow the computer from your wife – like I did.

What will happen next with my video?

Yes, your video will be automatically loaded to your Youtube account pretty much right away. This means no editing at this point. But I am not into editing anyway.

You can find your Hangout video in your Video Manager in your Youtube Creator Studio. Give it a nice thumbnail, add some tags and a description and you’re set to go.

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