Flemo – Assisted Learning

Is there a simple way how to learn about a complex subject matter?

At the end of the day, it is all about creating maximum effectiveness with a minimum of complexity. 

User’s of the Flemo toolbox use simple tangible objects to reproduce images which themselves represent structure.

Images convey a vast array of complex information instantly and images are recognized by people around the globe. More so, this effect of images is cross-cultural and can be observed across the language-barrier.

Images are universal and part of the human evolution since the first cave drawings and probably long before.

Flemo has been developed by leading Swiss researchers and teachers. For more than a decade the tool has been used by educational institutions (primary and secondary as well as universities and post-secondary institutions) as well as by the private sector (e.g. banking industry).


Solutions for Schools, Government and the Private Sector

The application of the Flemo method has been successfully demonstrated in organisations large and small, for-profit as well as non-profit. 

In a group setting of a maximum of 20-25 participants the user’s are divided up into smaller groups of 2-4 people each equipped with a Flemo toolbox. 

The course moderator then instructs and guide the groups into what’s called a self-moderated learning process and merely acts as a guide, not as an instructor.

Flemo has been used to design software, instruct employees about complex subject matters, help students learn about the legal system or develop complex scenarios for a foreign-aid government branch.

Could Flemo Take Your Organisation To The Next Level?

Do you see the Flemo method contributing to your organisations success? Are you a teacher, a school superintendent? A CEO or Member of the Board of a private or public company? Are your sales people struggling? Are some of your students lagging behind? Have you been looking for a coaching tool for your professional coaching business?

In any of these cases Flemo could be the solution to your problems. Learn this generic and universal method and start applying it to your specific problems.

How To Add The Flemo Method To Your Arsenal?

Traditionally you can choose between the following in-house options at your organisation.

Free Demonstration (30/60minutes)

2-hour demonstration 

Half-day Workshop

Depending on your location a Free Demonstration could be done via a video stream.

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For further information visit http://www.flemo.net (German)

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